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If you love where you live but wish you had more space in your home we may be able to help you with a building extension. We have a structured approach that can take you from the concept and outline stages through to completion of your project.


As Building Surveyor’s, we are passionate about buildings, structures and construction. We understand how the building components are put together; and in reverse take them apart to adapt the structure. Some architects may have the design-flair to make elevations look nice sometimes with expensive materials and awkward design detail but as Building Surveyor’s we are better placed to design an extension which is cost effective, buildable, practicable, functional and operational with low maintenance costs.


Let us take you through the process and services we are able to offer: -

Residential – Buying/Selling Homes – Surveys


If you are looking to buy a property it is mostly advantageous to have a survey undertaken on the property prior to paying out for your new home. A survey will help you find out about the condition of the building and, if there are problems, give you options with the Vendor pre-purchase.


At Leyson Building Consultancy we offer 4 types of surveys: -

The Condition Survey


What is it? The more basic type of visual survey to provide an overview of the general condition of the property identifying significant issues that warrant attention.


Application: For relatively new properties that have no abnormal design features or materials; piece of mind.

The Full Building Survey


What is it? This used to be the ‘Structural Survey’ which provides a detailed and thorough survey of the property and condition of the structure. The survey includes a schedule of defects, explains the defect and consequence of inaction together with advice on maintenance and repairs. Sometimes the report includes budget forecast costs (not a building valuation) and when repairs should be carried out.


Typically, the surveyor will look in the loft space and reach opinions concerning concealed elements of the structure. The survey may extend to the out buildings, grounds and boundaries.


Application: For older types of properties that may also be in poor condition. May also be suitable for properties that have abnormal or unusual features and/or materials or where alterations or extensions may be considered after purchase. Generally, not undertaken on flats.

The New Build Survey


What is it? A snagging survey which lists out small cosmetic issues to structural problems. This type of survey goes in hand when a developer is on site close to completing the property and prior to purchase. The list can be used to get the developer to sort out any problems quickly and/or under any new build warranty.


Application: For new build properties.

The Insurance Revaluation Survey


What is it? Most insurance underwriters require a professional evaluation of a building's rebuilding cost following total destruction. The more familiar term is a Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA), their accuracy is crucial in ensuring that property is adequately insured. At Leyson Building Consultancy we use the RICS BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) to complete this technical exercise.


Application: May be used for existing, houses, flats and blocks of flats where an insurance (re)valuation is required. It is not used to assess current market values of a property.

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